Our Success Stories

Listen to what school leaders and parents are saying… 


Progress on IEP Goals
Skills for Success Learning has a great service! The one-on-one, live sessions are engaging for my RSP students and I see progress on their IEP goals. My OT student has improved his writing significantly! I would highly recommend Skills for Success Learning to improve student learning!”

Julie O’Keefe, Special Education Teacher
Sierra View Elementary, CA 

Help for Emotionally and Academically Challenged
“I have been very impressed with Skills for Success Learning. I selected their service to assist our most academically challenged students. The live, one-on-one Cogmed training in the classroom has been a very effective way to provide our students with a research-based intervention.”

James Brannon, Administer of Specia l Education
Golden Valley Unified School District, CA 

Incredible Student Changes
I can’t believe the difference in my student! He has made a 360 degree change since finishing the Cogmed Training. I am surprised and amazed!”

Debbie Courtney, First Grade Teacher
Crossroads Christian School, CA 

Conquered Anxiety!
“My son studied long hours on his algebra and seemed to understand the homework, but would fail the tests. His instructor let me know that my son was most likely anxious. I found Skills for Success Learning and was introduced to Cogmed. Not only has his anxiety decreased, all of his grades are A’s and B’s. I am so thankful…my son’s life has been changed!

Erika, mom of freshman student
Kohler, Wisconsin 

Reading for Pleasure!
“Before the Cogmed training, my daughter never finished a book. Today, she just finished the first book in ‘Hunger Games’ and she has started the next one. Her attention has improved so much! Thank you!”

Heather, mom of a sixth grade student
Corona, CA 

Improved Grades and Esteem!
After my daughter finished the Cogmed, she came home one day from school and exclaimed, “Mom! Now I know how it feels to be a smart kid. I got an ‘A’ on my science test…that has never happened before!” My heart melted! Thank you for helping my daughter!

Trisha, mom of a sixth grade student
Eastvale, CA 

Removed from Special Education!
“Cogmed has given us hope for a bright future for our son, Isaac. He was in a learning handicapped class, but since completing Cogmed, Isaac is now reading and comprehending at grade level!! I am very grateful! Cogmed has changed our son’s life! ”

Deneb, mom of an ex-SDC student
Hesperia, CA 

Homework Done!
“I have seen a big improvement with my Tuscany since Cogmed! She not only is sitting to do homework without a fight now, but finishing it much faster. We are so blessed and thankful!

Melissa, mom of a second grader
Lake Matthews, CA

Help for Speech and Language Delay!
“My son has a speech and language delay, for which he has been receiving services from our district. Unfortunately, the district was unable to adequately address his deficiencies in language comprehension in speech and reading. After Cogmed, my son’s growth has been immense! This program is uniquely designed for the needs of each student.”

Jen, mom of 5 year old son
Corona, CA 

New Confidence and Reading Scores!
“My son completed the Cogmed training to address his unique learning challenges. The online sessions provided motivation, encouragement and rewards which created a stimulating environment that has boosted my son’s confidence and working memory skills. Now his fourth grade scores demonstrated the effectiveness of this program. I would wholeheartedly recommend Skills for Success Learning to any family with a child with learning challenges.”

Kim, mom of a fourth grader
Corona, CA 

Improved Comprehension!
“My son has blossomed tremendously since working with Skills for Success Learning! He was reading at the first grade level when we first started the online Cogmed, now he is reading and comprehending at grade level (4th). His ability to comprehend has greatly improved. My son now has a hunger to learn and is more focused and confident than ever.”

Chanel, mom of a fourth grader
Beaumont, CA 

Better Memory!
“Before leaving for work each day, I used to make multiple trips back into the house to get things I had forgotten. Since Cogmed, I am so much more organized! I rarely forget things in the house anymore!

Stacie, 52 years old
Gustine, CA 

Help for Parkinson’s
Although it is hard to know whether it is the Parkinson’s or getting older that has made understanding conversations a challenge, but I can say the Cogmed training has helped me to not be so stressed. I understand conversations better and my anxiety has lessened.”

Dave, 74 year old
Cherry Valley, CA 

Better Life Skills!
My son is starting his fourth week at his new school. I know he was proud of himself because Monday morning he was the only kid in his class to remember to turn in his homework. I was proud of him for making phone calls to get the information to complete it. Cogmed has really helped his memory and he seems much more organized and mature. I am grateful!”

Marta, mom of 18 year old
Bend, Oregon 

Improved Behavior!
“His behavior seems to have improved…less angry outburst!”

Melody, mom of a 16 year old
Fallbrook, CA 

Recommendation for Others with Dyslexia
“Out of all the interventions we have tried, Cogmed has made the biggest difference for our son with Dyslexia. He went from reading below first grade to being able to read fourth grade books. I would recommend Skills for Success Learning to any family struggling with dyslexia.”

Sarah, mom of a sixth grader
Spokane, Washington

Brain Injury Student
“I have noticed I can concentrate better, remember what I need to know and process more quickly. Improved reading speed makes homework so much quicker. I am going to graduate…Cogmed has helped me so much!”

Julia, 26 year old, brain injured student
San Diego, CA 

All Subjects Improved!
“My son (second grade) made improvements in all school subjects through the influence of Cogmed. The boost that Cogmed gave him in his working memory is a gift that keeps on giving!”

Kristin, mom of a second grader
Hume Lake , CA