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What is Cogmed Working Memory Training?

Training Details

The Cogmed Working Memory Training method consists of 25 training sessions done online, each 20 to 35 minutes long (variations to that protocol are now available). Each session consists of a selection of various tasks that target the different aspects of working memory.

The training is done online at home, in school, or at work. The standard program is five weeks long with five sessions every week, again now with variations. It is a rigorous program designed to improve working memory through intensive and systematic training.

Your Cogmed Specialist will ensure that each training maintains consistency and efficacy of the program, provides real-time encouragement, adjusts the training as needed, and implements an exciting reward system for success.

Once the 25 sessions are complete, 100 maintenance sessions are available without the support of a Cogmed Specialist to maintain the student or adult’s the benefits of the training.  These sessions are much shorter, usually about 7-10 minutes three times a week.


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