About Us

After owning a reading center for several years, Carleen discovered a powerful tool to assist her struggling readers, Cogmed Working Memory Training.

It quickly became apparent that the Cogmed students were surpassing the other students in focus and academic skills. As parents began making positive comments regarding homework, grades, attention and behavior it became clear that the Cogmed Working Memory Training was a superior intervention for struggling students.

It was not long before Carleen and her Cogmed Specialists were providing live, online working memory training for students and adults. They believe…

Improving Working Memory Changes Lives!

Carleen earned an undergraduate degree in Child Development and a Master’s degree in Education with an emphasis in Special Education. She holds California Multiple Subject and Learning Handicapped teaching credentials, as well as, specialist certificates in Resource and Language Development. She has been trained in multiple literacy programs and her teaching spans over 25 years with regular and special education students.