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Improving working memory to enhance leaning, focus and organizational skills

At Skills for Success Learning, we provide a variety of individualized services to help students with and without special needs and their families succeed academically. From our guided web-based instructional materials to our educational therapy sessions, we provide families with the educational tools to assist the most reluctant and challenging learners. Our specialized programs have been created to meet the unique needs of our students with and without:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Dyslexia
  • Developmental Delays
  • Language Learning Challenges
  • Specific Learning Disabilities

Each of our student’s educational strengths and needs are determined with the help of parental information and a student evaluation. The student evaluation is completed in a relaxed environment and may include tasks from several of the following areas:

  • Language Development Skills
  • Phonological Awareness Understanding
  • Decoding Ability
  • Comprehension and Writing Competence

After the student’s evaluation has been completed and reviewed with the parent, an instructional path can be developed to ensure both educational and emotional success.

At Skills for Success Learning, we offer Cogmed Working Memory Training to improve students’ attention for learning. Working memory is critical for focusing, shutting out distractions and complex thinking. Research and clinical data show improved grades following Cogmed training. Parents and teachers also report improved social skills, taking initiative, remembering instructions and completing assignments more independently.

Our In-Home Programs and Consultation Services are designed to assist families wanting to instruct their children at home. If you Homeschool your child, or want to supplement your child’s current classroom instruction, we can set-up a customized Education Plan for you to follow to ensure your child’s Success!